Many people usually think that the only way to color slime is food coloring but no, there are so many different ways to coloring slime, and today we will be showing you some of the many different ways to color your slime!

Method 1:

The first method to coloring your slime is the obvious food coloring! Food coloring is best with clear slime because food coloring is transparent and your clear slime can not only be transparent but colored too!

Method 2:

The second method to coloring your slime is icing coloring! Icing coloring is used for baking so it is very very strong. You only need a tiny bit to color your slime! You really only need a toothpicks worth of coloring. Icing coloring is also transparent to your slime so we recommend clear slime, but feel free to use it in any slime! 

Method 3:

The third method to coloring your slime is paint! Paint is also pretty strong, but not as strong as icing coloring! Although, paint is very cheap so this is a cheap alternative! Keep in mind that paint isn't a transparent coloring so if you are making clear slime it won't be clear anymore!

Method 4:


 The fourth method to coloring your slime is markers. Markers isn't the best way to color slime, but it definitely is a cheap alternative if you have nothing else! I would only use markers to color your slime if you only want a really light color because markers aren't to strong in fact they're weak!

Method 5:

The fifth method to coloring your slime is pigment! Pigment not only gives your slime a color but it also gives a matallic look. Watch out because pigment is a powder and is a very strong coloring method! Their are even color changing pigments, if you want it to change colors!

Method 6:

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