Today we will be sharing the most transparent and clear slime recipe that anyone can make and play with! We will be sharing what you need to make the slime as well as the instructions on how to make it! Don't forget to check out our amazing clear slimes!

Materials and Ingredients:        

-5 or 9 ounces of clear school glue(e.g. Elmer's clear glue)


-Something to mix with(Spoon)  

-Food Coloring(Optional) 

-Borax Powder  


-Plastic Cup, Cup, or Small Bowl             

-Measuring Cup  


How to make the Slime/Instructions:

1. Pour the 5oz / 9oz glue in a bowl            

2. Add some food coloring if wanted (Note: If not the slime will be transparent)   

3. In a separate small bowl or cup mix in 1 teaspoon of borax powder with 1 full cup of water(Mix until the solution is fully dissolved and has no more visible borax left in the solution!)

4. Slowly and gradually add very little activator (Borax and water) to the glue (Note: If you add to much of your activator to the glue at one time or you add the activator to your slime too fast your slime could be ruined!)  

5. Once your slime isn't sticking to the spoon you can start going in with your hands and start kneading the slime

6. Once you're done the slime will appear frothy and white, this is because there is tiny air bubbles in the slime, which you can actually see if you look closely

7. Don't worry about the air bubbles, just let it sit for a few days and it will be so clear that you can see through it! 

8. Have Fun!

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