People always wonder why their slime doesn't last as long as the store says, or why their slime got so dirty they had to throw it away. And the truth is they just didn't take care of the slime properly! There are many different ways to make sure your slime can last months and even years if handled with care! So, today we will be giving you five tips on how to preserve and make your slime last the longest it can. With these simple steps you can easily double or triple the lifespan of your slime!

First Tip:

Wash your hands before and after you play with the slime. This is valuable because you have many germs and bacteria on your hands that will stick and transfer over to the slime, making it last for a shorter amount of time!

Second Tip:

Not only are your hands full of germs, dust, and grime. But, so is the table, countertop, and/or playing surface you play with the slime on. When you let the slime sit on the playing surface all of that bacteria gets carried to the slime, making the slime last a much shorter time and making it gross to the look and feel of it. So make sure that you clean the playing surface down before playing with the slime so that the slime will not get dirty!

Third Tip:

When slime is not in use, make sure you keep it in an airtight container. We want the slime in an airtight container because when left alone with the air, the air will cause the slime to dry out and harden, so this will help preserve your slime!

Fourth Tip:

Do not leave your slime near the sun, window, or any hot area. We do not want the slime to melt and have to reactivate the slime again and again. So make sure to keep it in a cool, room temperature area!

Fifth Tip:

My Fifth and Final tip is to make sure you keep it away from pets, furniture, carpet, and any other space that's not a countertop, table, or designated playing area! We don't want hair, carpet, or other furniture pieces to get stuck in the slime! One not only is the slime ruined but so is that nice furniture.                                          

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