Crunchy slimes are one of the most beloved slimes to exist! This is due to the fact it is one of the most satisfying/ASMR making slimes! People love ASMR slimes and floam/crunchy slimes just so happen to be one of them! So today we will be showing you what you will need to make floam slimes as well as the instructions of how to make them!

Materials and Ingredients:

-8oz premade basic slime base

 -4 or 8 ounces of white school glue


-Something to mix with (Spoon)

-Food Coloring (Optional)

-Borax Powder


-Plastic Cup, Cup, or Small Bowl

-Measuring Cup


-Foam Beads

-1 cup (8oz) measurement

-A bowl

How to make the Slime/Instructions:

  1. Make your basic slime recipe
  2. The trick to this is that you have to leave it a little sticky so the foam beads can stick into the slime, so if the slime isn't sticky add a little bit of water to your fingertips and knead the slime until a tad bit sticky
  3. In a bowl measure 1 full cup of foam beads and pour it in the bowl
  4. Next take your slime and pour it into the same bowl used before
  5.  Slowly knead the slime into the foam beads until all of the foam beads are gone
  6. If slime is too sticky add very little activator to your fingertips and knead the slime (Make sure you don't add too much activator or else it will become rippy and the foam beads with start falling out!)
  7. Have Fun!




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