In the last blog we talked about the "top 3 biggest slime shops out there"! Most people like to know what the top shops are of a business niche, because they want the best of the best! Though this might get you to the site that has the most sales, it doesn't mean they have the best of the best quality! Most people are just to scared to try from these small businesses because, why take the risk if you know that you can get it from somewhere else?! Today we will be showing you the top 3 smallest slime shops but if I had a suggestion I would say give some love to us small business owners because we put our heart and sole into our businesses. In fact, We are a small business slime company and you should definitely check it out!

Top 3 Smallest Slime Shops!

  1. Slime Deluxe: Hey, well I said top 3 smallest slime shops didn't I? As of now we were the smallest slime shop I could find! Now hopefully I can look back at this and look how far I've come but for now let me introduce my company! We are "Slime Deluxe" a slime company that only has premium quality slimes and for a great price every time. Our Slime company makes sure you are satisfied and goes the extra mile in everything we do… Slime Deluxe, where Slime is Reimagined!!!
  2. Sweet Tea Slimes: Sweet tea slimes started her slime business in November 2021! She is a teen entrepreneur as well and currently has 204 slime orders! She loves doing what she's doing and is excited to be more and more successful as the months go by!
  3. Seb Slimes: Seb Slimes is another teen entrepreneur! He originally got his name from a nickname and started his business on 9/12/22 and as of now has 171 orders on his etsy!
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