What are the top 3 biggest slime shops? Well, good question! Most people like to know what the top shops are of a business niche, because they want the best of the best! Though this might get you to the site that has the most sales, it doesn't mean they have the best of the best quality! Most people are just to scared to try from these small businesses because why take the risk if you know that you can get it from somewhere else?! Today we will be showing you the top 3 biggest slime shops but if I had a suggestion I would say give some love to us small business owners because we put our heart and sole into our businesses. We are a small business slime company and you should definitely check it out!

Top 3 Biggest Slime Shops!

  1. Dope Slimes- Dope Slimes is a slime company who started small just like everyone but then took off and now makes 1000's of slimes each restock and is sold in over 300 stores across multiple countries!
  2. Peachy Bbies- Peachy Bbies first started off as the youtuber "Andrea x Andrea" and saw that the slime trend was becoming a thing. She then posted a few slime videos that went viral, and fast forward today every single of her restocks sell out in 1-2 minutes!
  3. Snoop Slimes- Snoop Slimes was in the 6th grade when she wanted to start her slime company! Her parents refused but she was determined! She spent a whole year researching of how to start a slime business and in the 7th grade asked her parents again, with them agreeing! She now owns a huge restock and sells out in a matter of minutes!
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