Best age for kids to start playing with slime


Slime is an all around great, fun, and entertaining "toy", yet some people might not know when the best age for their child to start playing with slime! Slime Deluxe recommends that you can start letting your child play with slime around the age of 7 years of age. Though, if you think your child is up for it and ready for slime go right ahead and go wild! All children are different when it comes to being ready and that's okay! The reason why our recommendation is 7 years of age is because the primary worry and concern with slime is that some of our slime can smell really good and look really appetizing but none of our slimes are edible unless explicitly said different. Even though we do not use any harmful or toxic materials or ingredients it is still never a good idea to consume our slimes! If your child does eat slime it is best to seek medical attention! Although our slimes are very appetizing and tempting your child needs to be old enough to understand that just because it does smell good and look good does not mean they should eat it! We suggest strongly that if your very small child under 7 likes playing with slime that you make an edible slime recipe just in case your child does try to consume it!
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