What Safety Precautions do you take?

What Safety Precautions do you take?

Ever since Covid-19 hit safety precautions have been a big deal from a consumers point of view. You probably don't want a product that's unsanitary/ uncontaminated! So that is why in this blog we will tell you all of the safety precautions we take to ensure your slime is as sanitary as can be!


At Slime Deluxe we wear gloves both when making the slime as well as putting the slime into their jars. Although we still wash our hands there is no such thing as being too safe!           *Disclaimer: If seen in a social media video with no gloves, note that the slime used in that video is strictly our "prototype batch" that is only used for photo and video purposes only!

Face Coverings:

Here at Slime Deluxe we wear face masks to ensure no matter the circumstances that your slime will stay uncontaminated! Though we have both the vaccines, you can never be too sure, though if under the weather you will not be permitted to work! 

Hair Nets:

Although hair isn't one of the most germ infested things, we speak from experience when we say it is never cool to receive a nasty piece of hair in your slime or other product!

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

No matter what we are doing at Slime Deluxe we make sure every single corner and crevice is cleaned before and after the task is completed! For example when we are making slime we disinfect the surface on which it's made before and after even if the slime actually doesn't touch it!



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