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Slime Deluxe

Lucky Charms Cookie Dough

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Introducing our Lucky Charms Cookie Dough Slime. This premium quality item comes in 7.5 full ounces of slime for sale for you to enjoy.  This slime is a sugar cookie colored cloud slime scented like "Frosted Sugar Cookies". Finishing the slime we have it topped with cute little pastel rainbow fimo slices mix and lucky charms rainbow fimo slices that add a cute and eye-dazzling look to the slime!

Size: 8oz

Scent: Frosted Sugar Cookie 

Texture: Cloud Dough

Add-ins: Rainbow Pastel Fimo Mix and Lucky Charms Rainbow Fimos

Shipping & Returns

It takes 1-2 business days to process and ship your order. Once your order has been shipped it takes 1-3 days to get to you. As for returns, we do not except returns, although you can always contact us and tell us how we can make your order better in the future!

Package Contents

What's comes in the package?:

-Your Purchased Slime

-A Borax Baggie

-A Slime Care Sheet

-Some Extra Candy/Extras

Slime Care

Slime Care:

Slimes may come a little melted or sticky due to shipping/transit. This is of course normal and we have the perfect solution! In every package is included a borax baggie and slime instructions for how you can make activator for the sticky slime!

Other Slime Tips:

-Keep away from small children, furniture, and pets

-Wash your hands before and after you use the slime

-Don't leave the slime sitting near the sun or window

-Play with your slime on a Clean surface to keep dust and debris out of your slime

-If you have long hair pull it up so that no hair gets into the slime

-Keep your slime in the airtight slime container when not in use

-Slimes with add-ins (floams, fishbowl beads, etc.) should stay a tad bit sticky so there's no fall-out